Monday, June 2, 2008

little boys- following their example & preschool's over

Yesterday at church, the kids were sitting side by side in the pew with Jon and I on either end. During the opening prayer, I looked over to see all three kids sitting quietly with their arms folded- even Jonas. I was amazed! He usually will fold his little hands if we annouce that it's prayer time, but he won't hold still more than a couple of seconds, until yesterday. He sat through the whole prayer, just like the other kids, and even bowed his head a little bit.

Hopefully he will continue to follow their good examples (and not the bad ones).
In other news, Seth has completed preschool. There was no "graduation" ceremony or anything like that, which I think Seth was disappointed about. His teacher handed me his completion certificate through the car window when I picked him up on his last day. Kind of uneventful.
I've included the pictures I took on his first and last day (in front of the sign on the building). Jon mentioned the other day how Seth is starting the thin out and loose a little of the baby face chub. And he's also grown taller, you can a little bit in the pictures, he's made it up to the "R" in Springer.

Seth is so excited for kindergarten! He can hardly wait until August (and frankly- neither can I!)


Melissa said...

I can't believe that we have boys going to kindergarten! It makes me feel old!

wendy said...

look at those bangin red sneaks! those boys are the cutest.

slb said...

He's at least one brick taller.

Audrey said...

That's too bad they didn't do anything to celebrate the graduation. Ryanna's was fun. They put on some skits for us and they had photo albums of pages that each of us moms had scrapbooked. It was actually a great idea. I did like three different pages for 6 kids and I went home with like 20 some pages of her various themed days at pre-school.
Melissa was saying that at Jacob's they were a bit out of control and selling yearbooks and flowers you could buy for your graduate. Give me a break huh?
When are you going to call me already???