Friday, May 23, 2008

what the...?

When I went grocery shopping on Wednesday night, the gas station in the parking lot listed the price for unleaded at $3.86.

When I drove by the same gas station on Thursday afternoon, the price was $4.08.

22 cent increase in less than 24 hours?! Did this happen everywhere?

For some reason, now that gas is over $4 a gallon, I feel kind of panicky. Like I don't want to drive anywhere unless I absolutely have to.


Audrey said...

The lowest price here is, of course, at Costco and it's (well it was yesterday anyway) $3.59 a gallon for the low grade. The usual gas stations are charging about $3.73 a gallon and today I saw that diesel was $4.69 a gallon. Wow! Glad I don't own a diesel. Costco was also out of premium gas. That made me panic a bit like what would I do if I couldn't get any gas? What if I went in the store and there was no food? Time to get more serious about food storage huh?

Lara said...

Our lowest price is "only" $3.87 as of yesterday when it jumped about 15 cents overnight. But most of the stations are around $3.99. I am feeling the exact same panic.

Oh for the days when we thought we were being gypped 3 years ago in AZ when the gas pipeline broke! Remember that? We thought it was the WORST thing EVER that it went up to like $2.59 for a while.

Brooke said...

Sounds like the same thing happened everywhere. Crazy. You know we only have one car. . . maybe you don't remember that :) But seriously puts a damper on me wanting TWO cars to have to put gas in!

Not only gas, but the price of food going up. I sure hope we get a raise soon :)

Carlie said...

welcome to a holiday weekend known for out of town adventures.