Sunday, May 4, 2008

busted and "how many sick kids does it take...?"

At the beginning of April, over conference weekend, Maryn tumbled down our basement stairs and landed on her face. A trip to urgent care and a few facial x-rays later, we were relieved to find out that she had no permanent injuries. Her face healed very quickly and was almost totally back to normal within a week.
How did she fall down the stairs? She was sitting in time-out on the top step (which was our time-out spot of choice until that day). She was obviously mad about having to sit there and in the middle of throwing a tantrum, she must have lost her balance, tumbled down our very steep stairs, and hit the cement floor below.

A few hours later, Jonas was trying to run down our concrete front walk and fell on his face too. Not a good day for baby Stone faces.

In more recent news, a trip to the doctor's office this morning revealed that all three kids have ear infections and Seth also has strep throat (not to mention the pukes over the weekend).  One dose each of amoxicillin and motrin for each child has resulted in a sleeping Maryn and much less grumpy boys.  Thank you, Alexander Fleming.


Mindy said...

Wow, Tina! That is awful. Why do bad things always come in threes? I hope that everyone recovers quickly! Sick kids are draining on the Mother. Tell them all they have to be better by Mother's Day!

Lacey said...

When it rains it pours huh?! Holy cow!! Hope your family starts feeling better soon!

JenW said...

good gracious...get some sleep tonight sister! our thoughts are with you obi wan kenobi