Saturday, May 3, 2008

so much for originality, Jonas update, and pics from grandparents' visit

As much as we tried to select uncommon, unique names for our kids, it appears our efforts have been in vain.

When we chose to name Seth, I had only known one other Seth in my life (besides the guy from SNL- but maybe he wasn't even on the show yet). A few months ago on the news, they were interviewing a soldier in Iraq. His name was- you guessed it- the same exact name as my son (first and last). Also, there is another Seth in his preschool class, so he is "Seth S". Lame! Exactly what I tried to avoid.

When we named Maryn, I had only known 2 other Maryns in my life. Last week at the playground, Maryn was playing with another cute little girl with long blonde hair. I was calling her and calling her trying to get her to come to me so we could leave. She of course could not be bothered by my request and continued to play. When I finally walked over to retrieve her, a mother standing close by asked me how I spelled Maryn's name. She said her daughter (the little blonde one) was named Marin too, but spelled differently. After chatting for a few moments, we figured out that they were born only two months apart and share a middle name too.

I'm hoping to fair better with Jonas. So far our previous ward and our current ward each have another Jonas. So we'll see. Speaking of Jonas, I want to document some new things about him. (It's been a while since I've done that- poor third child.) He has started to run and is so fast at sliding down the stairs that I can't usually catch him. He loves to play with whatever Maryn is playing with (much to her chagrin- I'm constantly hearing her say "Mommy- Jonie's buggin' me!") especially Care Bears, princesses, and Color Wonder markers. He says 5 words- "Mam!" (mom), "Da" (dad), "eyes", "bye" (with a wave), and our new favorite "uh-oh". He also nods yes or shakes his head no in response to questions- sometimes. He has taken to throwing tantrums which entails repeatedly banging his own forehead against the floor. Sweet, sweet boy.

I've posted some pics of our awesome visit with Grandma Jeanie, Grandpa and Emily here. Thank you so much for coming out to visit us! We had such a fun time and were so sad to see you leave!


Lara said...

I hear you! I am so mad about Sophia being the number 1 name last year. But I still love the name, so oh well.

Chloe is quite popular too, we know quite a few of them. Bria is the only one we've avoided this issue with. I have a friend who named her baby Bria, but she told me after I had Bria that she was stealing the name.

Oh, and you probably don't want tohear that there are 3 Jonases in my current ward, so I won't tell you that. :)

Mindy said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun with the Stones. It is so weird to see you all in jackets and pants. I wish I could give you some of our heat, we have plenty to spare! It is getting too hot to go to the park anymore.