Saturday, May 3, 2008


the stats
years of marriage: 30
daughters: 4
sons: 1
sons-in-law: 2
granddaughters: 2
grandsons: 2
people who love you: I can't count that high

Thank you Dad for having the faith and courage to (be the only one in your family to) join the church, go on a mission, move to BYU and find Mom.  Thank you Mom for having the faith and smarts to go to BYU, find Dad, and (be the first in your family to) graduate from college.

Most importantly, thank you both for creating a home of faith, happiness, and love for our family to grow in.

and one more stat...
daughter who lives in another state and misses you terribly and wishes she could hug you both on your special day: 1  
(actually, that answer is probably two)


Carlie said...

so sweet bean. we miss you too.

Pat and Dave said...

Thank you for the lovely tribute. It makes me cry every time I read it! Today is kind of emotional with lots of reminiscing! Maybe I should go take a nap then I would quit tearing up! At least while I was sleeping anyway!

Thank you again! We have been so blessed!