Saturday, April 25, 2009 good!* or "the saga of the red couch"

The other issue that has been taking up so much of my time lately is--I'm in the process of trying to redecorate our living room.

Those of you who have been in our home at any point in the past 9 years will recognize "old blue". We bought this couch brand new when we were married and have loved it nearly to death. It has been a trooper through 3 children, 4 moves, countless spills and many jumps (trampoline-style). On the comfort scale-- it's a 10, but on the attractiveness scale-- it has been sliding down quickly each to year to rest at around a 2 or 3. If it would have fit in our basement, we would have kept it. But it is too huge, so we practically gave it away to a young (craigs-listing) couple moving into their first apartment together for $30. We were all sad to see it go...but it was time.
After many many many trips to the few furniture stores in our area, we have a new couch! (The following is a picture of Seth reading The Cat in the Hat to Maryn and Jonas.)

In searching for this couch, we realized that Jon and I have a fundamental difference in taste. He cares mostly about comfort and I care mostly about style. (Which is sort of how men and women view things in general, I think.) I was not happy when we bought this couch, I felt very forced into the purchase. We were at this store (45 minutes away from our home, it was pouring rain, all the kids were with us) and they were having a huge sale, so Jon said "We are buying a couch here today, so you'd better decide which one." I halfheartedly agreed to this red couch because the only other one I was even remotely interested in, Jon hated ("not comfortable"). I worried about it all week (it took 7 days to be delivered) and almost called to cancel the order at least once per day.

After almost three weeks, we have a happy ending--I am really loving the couch!

*post title credit goes to DB. (I know I said I'm the funniest person I know, but I lied--my Dad is.)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

for some laughs....

check out my latest tweet (yes Brandon, I continue to be the funniest person I know)

and look at blog list on the left sidebar of Jon's blog (what is he trying to say about me?)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Easter! (a week late)

p.s.- (for the grandparents, mostly) here are some pics of our latest adventures: spring break visit to Chicago and Easter festivities.

Monday, April 20, 2009

where have you been?

Of all the balls I've been juggling in the air lately, blogging was one of the ones that dropped. Here's some of the reasons why:

Sick kids: Thanks to kindergarten, we have had three bouts of strep throat with numerous runny noses and most recently-- yucky coughs. Jonas was hit the hardest and has spent the better part of the past 6 months sick with something. At his two year appointment, I found out he had fallen off the growth chart altogether. The doctor diagnosed him as "failure the thrive" and we had to get a ton of blood tests to check organ functions (which all came out normal). I freaked out. So I spent the better part of the next 5 weeks keeping a food diary which made me really pay attention to what he was eating/drinking. At his appointment (after the five weeks) he had gained over 2 pounds!

Organizing: The boundaries of the three wards in our area got redrawn and our ward got one half of a family student housing complex (nicknamed "Little Wymount"--you can probably guess why) causing our ward's Primary to triple in size with most of the new kids under 6 years old. Those of you who were in Gateway can imagine what this would be like. (Ex. SDV was taken out of Gateway and added to another preexisting ward.) So we have been working our you-knows off trying to get organized for our first official day as a new ward (yesterday). Luckily I had my prior experience of being secretary of Gateway ward's primary to draw from. These types of numbers may seem commonplace to some of you out west, but here--a ward/primary this size is not very common.

Selling my old stuff
: I've been attempting to de-junk my house and recently put all the excess in a consignment sale that happens bi-annually in my town. The stuff I didn't sell, I put in a friend's yard sale. All-in-all, I think I made about $300. How's that for excess stuff?

Enjoying the weather
: We've been having beautiful warm spring days intermingled with freezing rainy days. I look forward to and take advantage of the warm days as best I can with much hanging out outdoors. It's tulip/daffodil season here which makes driving around town so much more enjoyable. I'm really enjoying this land of perennial plants. Being from the southwest, it's an anomaly.

Carting the kids around: Ballet and playgroup once per week, swimming lessons twice per week, in addition to library visits and park trips every week....

Planning vacations
: My parents are coming at the beginning of the summer and we're going to Utah at the end of the summer. Working on planning fun things to do while Grandma and Papa are here!