Tuesday, June 3, 2008

should we build an ark?

Our basement flooded last night.

This is how we figured it out (short version)- I had been up with the kids since 6:30 (thank you Jonas), lounged in front of the TV, ate breakfast, took them all upstairs to get dressed, got in the shower, Seth said they were going down to the basement to play Mario Kart, got out of the shower, Jon woke up (he's been sick), he went downstairs, he called up to me "Why is Jonas all wet?", I came down, called to Seth "Why is Jonas all wet?", Seth replied "Because the carpet is all wet down here", Jon and I run downstairs to find standing water throughout the entire basement, soaking wet carpet, our computer cables in water, and two amps belonging to a friend soaked as well.

Apparently the rain outside flooded our entire porch and seeped into our house through our french doors. (I guess I kind of need to explain that our home is three levels- the middle level opens up into the front yard and the lower level opens up into the back yard- the place is sort of built into a hill.) The water line left on the outside of our back door is about one foot above the ground. Maybe I'll take a picture and post it later.

Thankfully, there is not much damage (except for those amps that aren't ours) even our computer sailed through the waters and is still working. The worst thing is the wet carpet (it's in two pieces though, so we have it propped up off the floor).

But it's not over yet, we have heavy rain in the forecast for the next several days.


Carlie said...

stinker bean. it seems that the damage was minimal though, so i guess that is the silver lining so far.

and no need for an ark- remember, it wasn't raining while they were building it. :) wait for a sunny day.

walt or jean said...

As Grampa White used to say, "Floods, floods, don't like it, don't like it." Heavy rain wasn't great for the fish farming business. Alzheimer's and flooding hit on the same year. Hey, at least you have a turtle full of sand you can use for sand bagging if necessary.

Pat and Dave said...

Get out your sewing machine and sew up some bags for the sand! It is your 'family preparedness' sand! Dual purposes!

Thankfully you can lift up the carpets and put fans under them! What a mess if they were installed! I hate the smell of wet carpet!

What a mess! Mom