Saturday, June 14, 2008

Yes we Can(on)!

We just got a new Canon A580 Power Shot.  It's nothing too fancy, but soooo much better than our 5-year-old Fugi crappy point-n-shoot.  Here's some pics of our day.  (The first pic's a little grainy, apparantly we need to figure out how to shoot indoors better.)

Plus Grandma B made it!  Let the fun begin!


Mat said...

Nice shots. To combat grainy pics, switch your camera to P mode and put the ISO to 400. In auto mode your camera bumps the ISO too high and that is where the graininess comes from. You will combat camera shake and wiggly kids more, but you will have less grain.

Lacey said...

How fun! I love my canonS3 but already hope to upgrade in a few years...after I tackle and figure out all my camera can do! Enjoy your new camera and your summer!

Mindy said...

Great picts!! I know you have been wanting a new camera for a long time. I always enjoy seeing new pictures of everyone. Jonas looks so big! Have fun with your Mom!

slb said...

I've had a canon powershot A series for years. Lens on it is excellent for a point and shoot and takes pretty good pictures.

Good to see you've joined the club.