Thursday, June 5, 2008

hippo birdie, two ewes

Today is my dad's birthday, born in '54, turning 54 this year- I think that's kind of cool. A few more cool things about my dad:

  • Is a gifted musician with an awesome singing voice who can play pretty much anything on the guitar by ear. He has written a number of great songs and can sit down and write a poem (that rhymes) in minutes.
  • Has an incredible ability to remember hundreds of song lyrics and random facts about a variety of topics (he calls it "useless information").
  • Is a trailblazer as the only member of our church in his family. For this I'm so grateful, my life would have been very different if he had not chosen to take that step.
  • Continues to be an example of dedicated service and hard work. (He has worked two jobs for at least the past 10-12 years.) He taught me that we never turn down an opportunity to serve. I'm also grateful (now) for the lessons on manners and respect that he and my mom drilled into me during my childhood, a lot of those behaviors have become habits.

Happy Birthday Papa! We love you and miss you so much!

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