Thursday, February 14, 2008

my little boys are growing up

(Seth with Bear, age 6 months)

If any of you have known Seth since he was a baby, you know that "Bear" is very important to him. Because he never took a pacifier, holding Bear was the only thing that would help him go to sleep. Seth's first word was not "Mama" or "Dada", it was "Bear". Bear has been loved almost to death. Many trips to the washing machine after being thrown up and slobbered on has left his fur matted and the integrity of his stuffing severely compromised. Bear has never had a name, but recently (in the past few months) Seth decided to name him "Tickle" (no clue why). This morning he said to me-
"Mom, I don't think I need to sleep with Tickle anymore. I'm going to give him to Jonas."
Sure enough, when I put Jonas in his bed tonight, Tickle was there. It made me a little bit sad, my first little baby boy will be 5 in just a few days! I really can't believe it.

My second little baby boy will be one year old the day after his brother turns 5. Jonas is also growing up so quickly. As I have mentioned before, we have two very steep staircases in our house. Just yesterday morning, I was talking to my friends about how well Jonas has learned to navigate those staircases. He has only fallen down once, right when he was learning to climb and then only a few stairs onto the carpeted floor. Well, yesterday afternoon we fell down the entire staircase onto the concrete floor of our basement. When I picked him up, he was bleeding profusely from both his mouth and nose. The doctor said that he completely lacerated his frenum and might have broken his nose. But she assured me that both of these problems are not treatable and will heal on their own. In addition to these injuries, he currently has a bruised bump, black eye and small cut under his eye from when Seth threw a toy at his face earlier in the week. So now these newest injuries of another bump on the forehead, fat lip and possible broken nose makes me the mother of a tiny Rocky Balboa look-a-like.
The way he's acting today, you'd think nothing happened to him. Truth is, his face actually looks one hundred percent better today than it did last night, so that's why this picture doesn't look so bad.
I just want them to slow down!


Pat and Dave said...

I can't wait to see you! We are counting down the days. Rachel was the only one who had to learn stairs as a baby. I don't remember her having any BIG spills. I remember Seth chipping his tooth falling off our step! Your steps are pretty steep too! Considering that, he has done remarkably well!

Mat said...

Wow, I can't believe that Seth<>Bear is over. That sounds like a nasty spill Jonas took. We've been lucky with Mayzie so far. The most she as fallen is a couple of stairs.

Lara said...

Bria decided around the same age that she didn't need her blankie anymore. She still keeps it under her pillow, but she just doesn't need it. Chloe is still needing hers...but she'll be five in a few weeks. Who knows!

I hear you! I want them to slow down, too!

Glad Jonas is okay! That's a nasty fall, poor guy!

Carlie said...

No Bear? That is so sad. Especially since it didn't just grow out of fashion, but that Seth realized he doesn't NEED him anymore. In Ellena's room, our childhood bears (my Babs and Trevor's Bear Spot) are snuggly together. They make a cute couple. huh?
Sweet Joanie- I am sure he will have a few things to teach to Ellena when we come!

Audrey said...

Whoa! I had to catch my breath when you described Jonas's fall and how he looked when you picked him up. Panic!!! Oh my. I'm glad he's doing okay. Sounds like he may not be as good at navigating as previously believed. It's so hard to keep up with everything going on in a house at one time. I'm just glad he's okay.

JenW said...

wow, that is scary about jonas! i'm glad he's okay...these kids grow too fast...isn't there anything we can do to slow it down? miss you guys...when are you coming to visit? (yeah right, jen, we'll never make that drive again, right;))

Lacey said...

Crazy!! I'm glad to hear that Jonas is okay and your right, the picture of him looks totally fine!

Sad to see our babies grow up! Now it's just time to have another one right!?! LOL!