Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jon's new video

Jon finished this today. The theme here (he says) is the chaos and order of domestic life with children. Enjoy friends and family!


Carlie said...

Wow jon, that is phenomenal. i think it truly captures the essence of the crazy home life.
maryn wrapping her gor-tilla around her wrist and taking a bite? hilarious.
i am excited to see more of jonas' personality as it unfolds, since seth and maryn have such dominant ones.

JenW said...

seth looks so different to than when i saw him last! you guys are so good...that was beautiful:)

Brandon or Michelle. said...

phew, three IS EVEN HARDER than two! great! :) fun. i liked seth's singing (too bad you couldn't include coldplay in the car, since he's so good at the word for word thing,) and the party dress potty shot. and i breathed a sigh of relief when i saw jonas sleeping at the end. i think that means mission: accomplished! very cool, peace out. :)

Mindy said...

Very cute video! It does really show how frustrating and crazy and very FUNNY life really is on a day to day basis. Everyone looks great!

Lara said...

I LOVED this! Excellent! Looks like Seth has inherited his dad's musical abilities...that's very impressive for a kid his age to sing so in tune.

And happy birthday to him tomorrow! I can't even believe he's going to be 5. I remember when we first met you guys and Seth and Chloe were just 3 months old or something. Crazy stuff.