Monday, September 3, 2007

sometimes he surprises me

In the franticness that is the few minutes after church when the hallways are full and everyone is trying to locate all their family members, a friend of mine said to me "Seth said the funniest thing in Primary today, remind me to tell you about it". That was two weeks ago. I have been a little nervous (and curious) about it because you never know what your kids are going to say about what goes on in your home when they're in public. Today I cornered my friend at our ward party and asked her about it. Needless to say, I was surprised by what she told me he said...mind you, he has never said anything like this to me at home.

The teacher was talking about service and asking the children if they help their parents at home. Seth said:

"I always help my mom around the house."

"Really Seth? That's great, your mom is lucky to have a child like you who is such a good helper."

"No, I'm lucky to have her for my mom."


Jen said...

times like that just make you so grateful for whatever it is you are doing and Heavenly Father is helping you do with your kids. you and jon do such a good job, Tina, as is evidenced by your kids. good job girl! hey and by the way...we miss you! hope you are doing well in your new home and that you are feeling settled!

Pat and Dave said...

That brought more than one tear to my eyes! What a sweetie he is! He hears you and Jon say how lucky you are to have each other and he is following your example! Mom

Pat and Dave said...

As I recall, Scott was very tender-hearted towards his mom too and this reminds me of him. Seth is (and all the kids) very precious. -Papa

Melissa said...

That is so sweet! It makes all your hard work worth it when they say things like that!

Lacey said...

How sweet..makes all the craziness melt away!!!