Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I can't seem to keep on top of this...

I can't believe it has almost been a week again and I still haven't found the time to blog about anything. I have been having a good time keeping up with all of my friends' blogs, but can't seem to find the time to write anything on mine.
So here is something I have been thinking about recently - church marquees. We don't quite live in the "Bible Belt", I think we're a little bit too far north. But there are more different kinds of churches in my new hometown than I have seen while living in the West: Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Catholic, just to name a few. There is literally a church on almost every corner. Most of them have marquees displaying some sort of phrase meant to either uplift or chastise, usually in rhyming form. I always chuckle when I drive by and see a new one. For the life of me, I can't remember any of the funniest examples right now. Lucky for me, my brother is currently serving a mission in Oklahoma, just a few states over. He wrote a few examples of this in a letter to our family this week. I'm going to share them here because they are representative of what I see in my city.
"Stop drop and roll won't work in hell"
"Be ye fishers of men: you catch em, He'll clean em"
"What are your eternal reservations: smoking or nonsmoking?"
"Forbidden fruits create strange jams"
We drive by one particular church on our way to church every Sunday. This past week the marquee read "Does my creed show in my deed?" After I smirked at the rhyming, I really thought about what it was saying. Basically it poses the question, do you have integrity - are your actions consistent with your beliefs? Profound, even for a church marquee.


brooke said...

I remember one in mesa that always made me smile. I don't remember all of the phrases they used, but one in particular.

They were going to have a class and wanted all to come the sign for a few weeks read "Come and learn how to understand your Mormon neighbors" That could have been interesting!

Lara said...

WE have a bunch of different denominations here in Cedar City (kind of surprising, actually) and I love the marquees. But I can never remember them very long, catchy as they are, either. Must be getting old.