Friday, September 21, 2007

my boys

My two baby boys, Jonas on the left and Seth below. Two pictures taken at almost the exact same age in the exact same outfit. Resemblance? You be the judge. Seth's ears stick out farther, then and now. Jonas is more drooly. Seth has more hair, etc. Brothers.
Jonas is seriously on the move. He is really close to actual crawling, with his tummy up off of the floor. Which I am so happy about because right now he's like a little dust mop dragging his chest all over the floors of my house. Gross.

Seth has been in preschool for 3 weeks now. He seems to like it a lot. Although, most days he comes home and says "I got into a little bit of trouble today." It worried me the first few times, but when he explains his version of what happened, it seems to me that his teacher just has to keep reminding him to pay attention and follow directions which is what I do all day long. So I'm glad that he's getting practice to work on those important skills.

This is his (and Maryn's, by default) favorite show at the moment. For all you moms of four-year-olds out there, you need to check it out. It's way cute. It focuses on learning about letters, problem-solving, and how to read using fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Seth has known his letters for a while, but he is really interested in learning how to put them together to make words.

I love my boys!


carlie said...

I was sorting pictures today and saw some pictures of Seth at about Jonas and Ellena's ages now. I noticed that Seth shares some similarities with Ellena, just without Stone influence.
Kudos to Seth for being so honest about his troubles.
I wish I had a dust mop for my floor! Ellena just can't seem to get going. She gets in position and rocks back and forth.

brooke said...

I actually see more resemblence in Jonas and Seth right now. . . if that makes any sense. Oh well. From the first time I saw Jonas I could tell he was related to Seth AND Maryn. You have the cutest kids, Tina!

Lacey said...

They grow up too fast! It makes me sad to see those seperate pictures of Seth and Jonas in the same outfit....and they aren't even my kids!