Sunday, September 23, 2007

I want to be a missionary now

Everyday that Seth comes home from preschool, I ask him what he did that day. He can't usually tell me much of anything during the car ride home, but later in the day and sometimes days later, he'll mention something about preschool. He has been talking about "Danny", a boy that he says is "bad", but he doesn't ever give me any specifics about what Danny does that makes him bad. So I don't really press the issue. I just tell him to be nice to Danny but to not do the bad things that he (Danny) does. So yesterday, Seth says to me, "I decided I needed to share the gospel with Danny." The thoughts running through my head were, "Oh, no! What did he say? And at preschool of all places?" Here is how our conversation went-
Seth: I was teaching Danny about Heavenly Father and Jesus.
Me: Really? What did you teach him?
Seth: Well, I was teaching him how Jesus died for us.
Me: Wow! What else did you teach him?
Seth: Well, he thinks heaven is far away in the sky. But I told him that when you pray heaven can be close around you. But he still thinks that heaven is far away in the sky. Next time I go to school I have to teach him some more.
Me: What are you going to teach him?
Seth: I'll find out.

Oh, that we all could be so bold. I have never done anything like this.


Melissa said...

Wow! It made me all teary when I was reading it. You must be doing something right!

Lara said...

I think that is just amazing. What a great example he is! :)

Lacey said...

Everyone would be converted if we had the boldness of children! how sweet of Seth! We always knew you guys were great parents!

As for the blocks...I used paint to smear the got rid of the paper line I had when I covered the blocks..and gave it more of a fally/antiquish look. Glad you liked them! I'm sad we don't have the scrapbooking group anymore....such a bummer they got rid of them all!

Heather said...

Tina I lost your blog address you sent out a while back. Audrey gave it to me and your blog is so cute! I loved your church billboards entry. Nashville has a church on every corner and its like too. Hopefully you guys are liking it there!
Anyway, Seth is adorable. That was the cutest story.
I'll send you a link to our blog to if you want!

JenW said...

what a great kid...good job tina and jon:)