Monday, August 27, 2007

sounds good to me

"Mom, when I'm big like you and Dad, will I still get to be with you?"
"Seth, when you're an adult, you'll have your own family that you'll live with."
"But Mom! I want to stay with you and Dad!"
"You don't want to grow up and live with your own family?"
"Well, yes...I want to grow up but I want to stay with you and Dad."
"Okay Seth, that sounds good to me."

(Rather than argue, I decided to just agree with him. I'll bring this up when he's a teenager and anxious to move out and be on his own.)


Mat said...

Yeah, get a signed statement.

jwilson said...

my nephew, a couple of years ago, age 6, asked his mom if he could marry her when he grew up because he wanted to stay with her. she had to explain that she was married to daddy and he'd find his own wife one day. he decided that would be okay if she was like his mom:) funny, these kids. ethan has been saying that we are friends lately. that's nice to know he still likes me after bringing home Avery:)

Lara said...

I say that you take this attitude for as long as you can! :)

Audrey said...

Ryanna asks me if she can marry her dad about every other day. She even started a song about marrying her dad. What would it be like to be so adored?

Melissa said...

So cute! Jacob is always going to live here with us because he needs someone to fix him dinner! At least I'm useful for that!