Monday, August 13, 2007


Do tantrums ever stop? I mistakingly thought that 4 1/2 years was old enough to have kicked the habit. Apparently not. I don't even remember what triggered this one, although you can bet Maryn was involved. As you can see, she decided to join in on the noise too.


Pat and Dave said...

Good form, young chap! Mom

wendy said...


Brandon or Michelle. said...

okay, basically I had to giggle, as I thought of you guys in this situation..."oh, seth is throwing a tantrum...quick, get the camera! I'm going to blog about this!" :) I love it, you've definitely changed the mindset from "normal" to "blogger."

behind behind behind! did you get my card?!

brooke said...

Sounds promising for me now. Isaac just started.

He has only had one major breakdown and as luck would have it, it was while we were at target. He and Mike were off somewhere across the store and I heard him. I made a quick decision to not go find them, but rather let Mike find me once Isaac was not screaming!

wendy said...

by the way, i read the lovely bones and hated it.
awful, awful stuff.
let me know what you think.

Lara said...

Chloe just threw an amazing, kicking and screaming tantrum. Where? In Sacrament meeting. I had to take her out of the building and put her on the lawn until she calmed down.

Yeah, I thought it might stop by now, too. But she's a stubborn kid. Bria was NOT like this. :)

Good luck! :D