Friday, August 24, 2007

skills, teamwork and a mission

Seth's self-portrait

I am constantly suprised by what comes out of Seth's mouth lately. (I'm pretty sure that most four-year-olds elicit this same response from their parents.) Seth picks up on everything--and he remembers everything too. Jon and I have found that we have to be very careful what we talk about around him because he will bring it up later--sometimes days later. His four-year-old logic is so pure. Here are three examples of conversations we have had over the last few days.

- Last week, we took the kids to a park one evening after dinner. There was a bunch of kids there, mostly younger but some older ones too. One of the older girls (9 or 10 years old) was doing cartwheels in the grass. Yesterday Seth said to me:

"Mom, I can't do any skills."
(me) "What do you mean 'skills'?"
"You know, skills! Like this!" (He proceeds to do some sort of spin move on his knees on the carpet.) "Maybe when I'm a big kid, I can do skills."
"How do you think big kids learn how to do those skills?"
"Mom, they don't learn skills, they just do them!"

- Earlier today, I was downstairs on the computer and I could hear Jonas upstairs getting fussy. It was lunch time-so pretty much all of the kids were hungry. I was just about to head back upstairs (I promise) when Seth comes down and says:
"Mom, I need your help up here, I can't take care of these two babies by myself!"
"Okay Seth I'm coming right now."
"We need two people to take care of two babies, I'll take one and you take the other."
"Which one will you take care of, Seth?"
"I'll take care of Maryn and you take care of Jonas."
"What will you do to take care of Maryn?"
"I'll just sit and watch a show with her or something." (It's nice to know someone's got my back in this taking care of baby business!

- Also earlier today, the kids were watching "Little Einsteins" on TV. Seth turned to me and said: "Mom, here our missions are for Jesus, right?" He has probably seen this show hundreds of times, but today it clicked in his brain that he knows what "we've got a mission" means. At least, he thinks he knows what it means.


Lacey said...

Love the last one with the "Little Einsteins"...

Pat and Dave said...

The things they say and these experiences are more precious than any jewel and worth more than any riches. -Papa

carlie said...

skills, huh? too much napolean dynamite for him!

brooke said...

I have said it before, Seth is one funny guy.

When I read the Skills comment, first thing that came to mind was Napoleon Dynamite (which Isaac calls poly night), took a minute for me to figure out what "skills" were.

Pat and Dave said...

You also had concerns about "taking care of a crying baby" when you were younger. We love hearing about all the Seth-isms & Maryn-isms! Keep it up! Mom

Derek said...

Isn't it great and frustrating at this age? The constant refrain of, "Mom," sometimes wears thin on my nerves, but you're totally right the comments are insightful and often hilarious!!!
Ryanna went to Emma's birthday on Saturday and she came home and told me who was there and then she said, "But Seth Stone (she really used his last name) wasn't there. He really wanted to come, but he was sick." Too funny!

Audrey said...

that was me, audrey, not derek!

Lara said...

Love his chastisement of taking care of the kids! Too funny!

Chloe is really into finding out what words mean right now...Today she asked about Popular, shrewd, treason and succeed. Hard to give answers that don't just cause more questions. :)