Wednesday, November 19, 2008

a little ballet before we leave

As I was clearing the memory card on my camera in preparation for our trip, I found this video that I forgot I had taken of Maryn in ballet class.  So yes, instead of accomplishing more on my to-do list, I'm blogging.
The video was taken a few days before Halloween, that's why she's wearing her kitty ears and her friend Samantha is wearing a cape.



Pat and Dave said...

Bless the teacher's heart! And how appropriate Maryn is wearing kitty ears. Getting young children to do anything is like herding cats!

We are looking forward to a performance from Maryn!


Carlie said...

i love it. ellena reminds me so much of maryn. looks like i'll have my hands full all too soon. i can't wait to get these cousins together!

Anonymous said...

So cute! Ballet is so much fun ofr little girls. I can't wait till Kaylee is old enough to start!