Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I miss AZ (post UPDATED)

Yes, we made it back....48 hours ago. And I still haven't unpacked and cleaned up everything. I plan to post pics and stories of what we did soon- as soon as I get my house back to normal.

We left sunny AZ at 7 am, at 75 degrees and landed in IL at 11 am, at 30 degrees. We drove home in blowing snow and arrived to find ice-coated porch steps. Cruel reality.

You guys in AZ don't know how good you have it.

****I just went into my pantry to get stuff out to make cookies for Jon for mutual tonight. Guess what I found? Little holes chewed into all my bags of sugar and rice and popcorn. And crap literally all over the place. Welcome home.


Lara said...

I miss it, too, and I haven't even been there recently.

Sorry about the mouse. That totally stinks.

Pat and Dave said...

That would have to be mice, I assume? Yuck.

Audrey said...

ugh--welcome back huh?

Johnson-n-Johnson said...

I only laugh at this because after our first catch of a mouse, my Sweetheart told me he thought they were gone, after 5 he tried telling me they were all gone, after 10.....welll you get it! sorry about the mice.

Lacey said...

That is no fun homecoming! Glad you made it safely though and more importantly, that we got to see you while you were here! I need to come visit you so I can appreciate Arizona weather!