Sunday, November 9, 2008

somtimes I like having a live doll to dress

I am absolutely in love with this green and blue plaid dress and argyle tights outfit.
And the fall leaves look pretty too.

P.S.- Jonas loves yogurt, eats it every day, but unfortunately insists on feeding himself. I tried to get a candid shot of him with the spoon in his mouth like this today, but he saw me coming at him with the camera and said "cheese".

And one more thing- Jon left his Ipod in his pants pocket after camping with the scouts this weekend. I washed all his camping clothes...twice (they smelled really bad). And guess what- the Ipod still works!


Lara said...

I did that to Joel's cell phone once, and I wasn't so lucky. :)

And I totally agree about the doll...I have three of them, and sometimes they are really annoyed at my behavior with their clothing. Hee hee. Maryn looks adorable indeed in that outfit! Love it!

Mindy said...

That is a super cute outfit! Maryn seems to be enjoying modeling it too.
Mayzie is a yogurt eater too and stubborn about eating by herself. My independant children! Plus, sometimes she holds the spoon down to feed the dogs a bite or two. Yummy!

Lacey said...

Cute picture of Maryn. Elodie has the pink top in the same pattern from old old navy!

Mariley Johnson said...

wow! those are the cutest tights!!

Pat and Dave said...

Maryn looks very preppy even though she isn't the one in college!

At least Jonas is eating!!!

Can't wait until you get here!

JenW said...

those tights are amazing! love them, she is the cutest! jonas is a funny boy, don't you love it when they pose for pictures :)

CC said...

Hi Tina,
Cute blog! I'm glad I found you from Lara's...

here's mine:

Stephanie said...

I washed Eli's coat twice too. It smelled terrible! That's amazing about his ipod!