Monday, December 17, 2007

a quick update

  • One of the afore mentioned hats was recieved today, so check out the pics here or here.
  • I injured myself yesterday. Missed the last step walking down off of the stand after saying the closing prayer. (Last time I volunteer to do that!) Rolled my ankle something fierce. I was holding Jonas at the time, but didn't drop him. I now have one ankle and one cankle.
  • We got about 8 inches of snow last Saturday. Funny that my injury was not snow related, although Jon took a dive in the parking lot after church yesterday. Those dang slippery church shoes.
  • Also of note, Jon had to dig us out with a snow shovel so we could actually get to church yesterday. First time for us Arizonans. He wasn't a fan- his feet and hands got cold- probably because he was wearing flip-flops and no gloves.
  • Posted some pics of the snow and the kids here.


Pat and Dave said...

The link to see pictures of the kids in the snow linked to my Italy pictures???? I didn't know what to do??? HELP!

Tina said...

Sorry! It should be fixed now. Try again.

carlie said...

love the snow pics. the pink cheeks are hilarious!
and jonas with a candy cane...?