Wednesday, December 12, 2007

holiday projects- part 1 and potty training update

This is a sample of the ornaments I made for the ornament exchange party I went to 2 weeks ago.

These are a few of the ornaments I received at that party. My favorites are the wooden bead snowman and the wire angel.
These are hair bows I made for Maryn in the past few days. We made the brown clips at enrichment and I got so excited that I made the candy cane ones at home!

I have also made hats for my two little nieces, but I'm not going to post the pictures of those finished products until the gifts are actually received.

One last note- Maryn has left the world of daytime diaper wear forever.  We couldn't be happier or more proud of her!


wendy said...

i love those bows.
and your ornaments look rad.
also, i'm seriously counting down the days till i get to come and sleep and craft and make pies and knit and crochet. (maybe quilt? more on this later)

once dias mas!

wendy said...

ps- maryn is so perfect. from her litle bertogli-nose to the almost dog-pitched levels of her screaming, and now, her ability to pee on command. love her.

Pat and Dave said...

I loved how you added bigger ribbon to the ornaments. I have only added a small bow here and there. The snowman looks like a good candidate for a pin next year!


JenW said...

i totally love those ornaments! do they smell as good as they look? i bet they do! congrats to maryn...gotta get ethan to follow in her footsteps...i don't think i'm ready yet:)

carlie said...

Those ornaments actually DO look good! Seriously, I love it. I am totally jelly that Wendy gets to come out and visit you all. Flying makes me a bit nervous anyway, and the snow can only make it worse. It is not at all comforting to know they are "de-icing" my plane. Yikes.

Lacey said...

great job on your hair's addicting...BEWARE!

brooke said...

Ornaments are so cute. I like that snowman too!

Any secrets on the potty training? I just need to be more consistent I guess. I was going to start this week and Isaac is sick. . . something always seems to get in the way :) So it's my fault! Not to mention I don't look forward to cleaning any messes. . . sounds like a good new year's project for me!

Brandon or Michelle. said...

hey! cutest hairbows, seriously, I'm going to need lessons in a couple of years.

And I would like everyone to know that you made me a collection of the gingerbread ornaments my first married christmas, and they are still some of my favorites on the tree.

And I want everyone not to think I'm a complete meany, so congratulations on Maryn. :) Zane's doing better with the whole thing too, although I don't want to say anything outloud....

no package yet, but let's just chalk it up to the ide storm! peace!

Brandon or Michelle. said...

ice, i mean ice!

Mindy said...

Hey, those hair bows are so fun. I should make some for Bailey. Does Maryn just love them. I am so proud of Maryn and potty training. I just changed the yuckiest diaper of Kade's this morning. But, I am going to be realistic. He will definately be 3 years old before we can potty train him. Miss you guys like crazy. Have fun with Wendy. Do some extra crafting for me.