Saturday, December 8, 2007

playing in the snow and treat count

We got the kids all bundled up and Jon took them outside to play in the snow today. Check out the pics here.

number of treats I've made this week:
lemon meringue pie: 1
pecan pie: 2
cheese ball: 1
chocolate chip cookies: 9 dozen

Planning on fudge tomorrow. Anyone? Anyone?


Walt & Jean said...

What beautiful, precious children you have!!! Thanks for keeping us updated with those great photos!!

Have lots of fun in the snow and stay warm!

(I'd be your first customer tasting the fudge-want to send some my way?)

carlie said...

Bean, the hats look awesome! I can definitely tell you have "got your crochet on". And, I must say, Jonas boy looks like a marshmallow man with his snow suit on. It's funny to see everyone bundled up outside while Jonas is inside wearing practically nothing.

Mat said...

Ok, two things. First off... props on the mad crochet skills. Second, Mindy wants to know where the picture of you in the snow is.

Mindy said...

Those pictures are so cute. I especially love the one's of Jonas in his snow suit. He looks like he can't move in there. He is so cute. Looks like you guys are having fun. I love the snowman. PS love the hats. You are awesome. I wish my project buddy was here. We could get so much done. Although, you seem to be doing just fine.

Audrey said...

Why do you tease me like this? You know that I would happily be your taste tester. Mmm-mmm!

Brandon or Michelle. said...

that was the funniest snowman I've seen in a long time. and nick's comments were great. :)

what's with all the treats? sounds too delicious to be true.

Pat and Dave said...

My kids at school looked longingly at the snow and the snowman. You should have taken a picture of your reflection in the window. Fudge sounds yummy... maybe I should make some myself! Mom