Tuesday, October 30, 2007

tagged- some not-so-normal things about me

I was tagged recently by two different friends. I have been tagged before, but this is the first one I have actually participated in, not because I didn't want to but because I didn't have time (at the time) to come up with anything and then I just forgot about it. So I thought I would do this now, while I was thinking about it.
One of the tags asked for 6 interesting things about me, one asked for 7. So I am going to do 7 to cover all of my bases.

1. Up until about 3 months ago, I had lived in Arizona my whole life. (Now this doesn't count the first 23 months of my life when I lived in Utah- my birthplace. But I don't remember it, so I don't choose to count it.) I had never even visited any of the US east of the Rocky Mountains. And now, here I am.

2. I love Disneyland. I have been there well over 25 times and it never gets old. We used to go on vacation there as a family almost every year while I was growing up. (This may not seem like a lot to some of you, especially those in this camp, but to others- 25 times in one vacation spot is a lot.)

3. I can't swim. (Funny since I just told you that I've lived in AZ almost my whole life.) I'm not saying that I would drown in a swimming pool, I can paddle and tread water enough to ensure safety in that environment, but I can't do any strokes or tread water very long. I actually had to be rescued by the beach lifeguards on one occasion because, unbeknownst to me, I was caught in some sort of rip tide and my body was about to be smashed into some huge rocks. Which leads me to my next fact..

4. I don't like the beach or the ocean. I have never liked going into ocean water, something about sharing your space with other living creatures makes me feel way too vulnerable. I did like going to the beach as a kid and playing in the sand. But as an adult, it's just annoying. When you leave the beach, everything is covered in sand- your kids, their toys, your car, your house...and guess who gets to clean up all of this sand? That's right-me. So I don't like it. I do appreciate the beauty of the beach and the ocean though.

(Thank you, friend, for reminding me of the next two very important skills.)

5. I am constantly picking up things with my toes. I can grab even small things like a paper clip or cheerios (which are always on the floor at my house).

6. I can fit my entire fist in my mouth. (Actually, I don't think this is an important skill.)

7. Mmm...what else? For the few of you who don't know- Jon and I dated in high school before he left on his mission. Our first date was in March 1996. So we sort of count that anniversary along with our wedding one (June 2000).

So there you have it, everything you never wanted to know about me. Now about tagging other people, I don't know....I hate to commit anyone to do it if they don't want to. Actually, I would like to see what my sister says because I'm pretty sure I know everything about her. So Carlie, you're tagged...and any other reader who wants to take on the challenge.


Lara said...

I'm wondering if the dexterous toes and the big mouth go hand in hand? Hand in foot? Hand in fist?

Always fun to learn such interesting little tidbits about people. :) Glad you took the tag challenge.

Lacey said...

Holy Cow...25 times to Disneyland?!? December will be my first trip to California!!! I blame that mostly on the fact that I grew up in the south....florida was more our vacation spot!

brooke said...

We have some similarities. I HATE the ocean. Really freaks me out.

I pick up everything with my toes too. Isaac has started doing it. I ask him to pick up his toys and that's how he does it. Takes him forever and it's frustrating, but so funny at the same time.

I have only been to Disneyland once in my life and it was when I was in my early 20's.

Fist thing NEVER tried. Probably would make me gag. I can't even chew a whole piece of gum :)