Wednesday, October 17, 2007

a mooky little girl like you

Last night we carved pumpkins for Halloween. (To see the rest of the pictures, click here.) The night went something like this...

  • Mom cut the tops off of the two pumpkins.
  • Seth and Maryn each scooped out maybe two handfuls of pumpkin innards then turned the rest of the yucky scooping work over to (you guessed it) Mom.
  • Dad carved the scary tree and Mom carved the ghost into the pumpkins.
  • Everyone went outside to admire all of the hard work.
(And this activity was supposed to be for the kids?)

The cutest/strangest part of the evening was Maryn. She kept saying that the pumpkins were "berry berry mooky". It took us a while to figure out that she meant "spooky". That was the cute part, the strange part was this- Maryn has started stuttering. She has always stuttered a little bit but in the past few days, the frequency has increased more than 100%. She stutters on almost every word she says. I'm a bit concerned and totally shocked because it came on so suddenly. My parents tell me that I stuttered a lot as a child (and frankly, I still do). And Seth stutters too at times, usually when he's trying hard to get my attention. But this is way worse that anything I have heard from either of my kids. I realize that she does this because her little brain is moving faster than her speech can keep up with. But it still worries me. Above all, doesn't every mother want their kids to be normal and not have anything "wrong" with them?


Pat and Dave said...

What great looking pumpkins! The tree was bery mooky and I loved the Boo in the ghost. We only used to carve faces! Boring...

Jonas always has the 'deer in the headlights' look!

Don't worry about the stuttering... I will talk to the speech pathologist tomorrow. No worries... Mom

Nick said...

man, i'm 22 and i can still only make it one scoop of the yucky stuff before i have to turn it over to someone else.

Lacey said...

Your pumpkins turned out awesome! Love them!

brooke said...

So cute. We are going to do ours next monday. I have a feeling Isaac won't even touch the stuff. He's a little silly about sticky, gooey things on his hands.

The pumpkins turned out great. Way to go. I am going to try for the first time not doing a face. Wish me luck!

I am sure Maryn will be fine, but it is frustrating as a mother. Your kids are adorable. I can't believe how grown up they all look!

Walt & Jean said...

This is how we remember pumpkin carving:
Nick: oooooh, i'm not touching that goop, here's the spoon Eric, you do it.
Eric: let's get Emily to do it, she loves the yucky stuff.
Emily: OK girls, I'll do it.

Brandon or Michelle. said...

My mom was worried about my quirks, but look at how great I turned out.

Sarah said...

Sorry Tina, I have tagged you. Please forgive me and go to my blog to see what to do. Check my blah blah blog.

carlie said...

Seriously, how long is Jonas? He looks so tall already. Ellena frequently has the deer in the headlights look, mostly due to the red-eye-reducing double flash. I love the pic of Maryn up to her armpit inside the pumpkin. You should get those fake pumpkins and carve them to save for years to come!