Tuesday, October 23, 2007

R.I.P., autumn beauty, and JONAS! (with updated pic)

The jack-o-lanterns that we carved last week didn't make it. (Although, they look way more "mooky" now!) Thank you pyscho Illinois weather: pouring rain one day and 80 degrees the next.

This tree is right outside our front door. I have been watching it everyday as the leaves slowly change color. Isn't it beautiful? Experiencing an actual autumn season for the first time in my life has been...um...can't think of a good word- cool, educational, breathtaking?

One last note, last night Jonas did it. He climbed up the stairs. We were all sitting on the couch watching a movie and suddenly Jon said, "Oh my goodness, Jonas!" We all looked over to see him standing up on the first step holding onto the banister, smiling- obviously very pleased with himself. He continues to exceed my expectations of his mobility. I am almost afraid of what he'll do next. I find myself wondering, is it a coincidence that he is my first "climbing" child and we just moved into the first home we've ever lived in that has stairs? (Two staircases to be exact!) He is keeping me on my toes.
(I added the pic to illustrate the paragraph above. Imagine this position- which he does all of the time- only up one step. Yikes!)


Starmaster said...

I think that the jack-o-lantern of the tree has actually been EATEN as well as weather beaten. Look at the top left part where it used to connect. Attack of the Squirrels!!!

Brandon or Michelle. said...

mooky is right...my goodness. my pumpkins from my garden "didn't make it" to the other extreme..that is, they didn't have a chance to turn from green to orange in time for carving! so enjoy the fall that you're having...totally awesome.

Walt & Jean said...

We remember Jon enjoyed descending the stairs after escaping from his crib. He learned to "turn around" before sliding belly first. Maybe you can teach Jonas how to climb into his crib after he ascends the stairs. The first shall be last and the last shall be first.

Lara said...

That is why I try not to carve the pumpkins until the day before Halloween.

They actually still look pretty cool! :)

Isn't autumn wonderful. Seriously, not having autumn was the only thing I didn't like about AZ. I didn't even mind the summers, and would have minded them even less if I could have had a Fall. :)

JenW said...

the pumpkins look scary now...a good effect:) jonas! what a guy, gotta keep an eye on him ALL the time huh? good to hear what you guys are up to.