Monday, October 8, 2007

conference, choices, apple pie

(I wanted to make the title a true alliteration, but I couldn't think of another "c" word that was more important than apple pie.)

I love conference weekend. When is there another weekend in which you could justify spending 8 hours watching TV? But more importantly, when could you claim that watching 8 hours of TV could give you even close to the same amount of spiritual upliftment (is that a word?- spell check says no)? Conference weekend is important to me because it always causes me to take a step back and evaluate every aspect of my life and recognize thing that I need to change. This doesn't always leave me feeling that great, but those unpleasant feelings are balanced by good feelings that stem from the hope that I can make necessary changes.

Some of the blogs I have read today cite Sister Beck's talk on Mothers as their favorite. I also enjoyed this talk because I feel like it helped to give some much-needed accolades and dignity to the work that we stay-at-home moms do all day, everyday. Only those who do it or have done it really understand what a hugely difficult job it is. There is no vacation, no calling in sick, no "leaving your work at the office".

That said, it was not my favorite talk. My absolute favorite talk was the very last one in the very last session on Sunday; Elder Oaks' talk about good, better and best. I was truly inspired by his words and they have stayed with me since I heard them yesterday. I definitely identify with his explanation that most of us face choices everday; not necessarily between right and wrong but between good, better and best. I want to be better about judging the daily choices I make regarding what I do with my time using this scale. Yeah sure, taking a nap in the afternoon is good- if I'm tired, my body needs rest. It would probably be better to sit a watch a movie with Seth (because my other kids are sleeping). But it would probably be best to take advantage of this one-on-one time and spend it with Seth doing some sort of fun activity. This example actually happened today, except that I did "D"- none of the above. I spent the time making some phone calls to get some bills figured out, which is not a bad thing- it's gotta get done sometime- but it probably wasn't the best thing I could have chosen to do during that particular time period. So I didn't quite make it up to the (raised) bar on this one today. Hoping, praying that tomorrow will be better.

One last note about apple pie. Before conference began on Saturday morning, we went to a farmer's market/swap meet. We have been once before and the fresh produce we bought there (straight from local farmers) was so good- I can't even begin to describe it to you! Also the last time we went, we walked by a long table stacked with pies begin sold by 2 teenage girls in dresses and sneakers- Amish. (I guess we live only 30 minutes away from the largest Amish community in the state. Who knew?) By then, we had run out of cash so I told Jon that next time we came, we were going to that table first. If you didn't know this about me- I love pie. I am not necessarily picky about the type, I love all types of really good pie. But a really good pie, with excellent crust and not too sticky sweet filling, is really hard to come by. I had faith in these Amish girls that they could bake a really good pie. So back to last Saturday morning, we went to the farmer's market and I made a beeline for the Amish table. Blueberry, peach, blackberry, pecan and of course apple pie. My mind was reeling with the choices! I finally settled on apple, a standard. It was a little more pricey than I expected ($10) but I absolutely had to have it. Later that day when we cut into it...ahh, heaven on Earth. It was so good, better than any pie I have ever had. Ever. After the first bite, I told Jon that next week we're going back for the peach.


JenW said...

that apple pie sounds awesome! and i love conference it's like a spiritual holiday we get to have every six months:)

Lacey said...

Oh that pie does sound good! I too loved Elder Oaks talk about Good, Better, Best. It especially hit home for us as we are trying to figure out job options after Chris graduates!

Audrey said...

Tina, you make me feel so fab-u-lous when you site my blog. Glad you liked Sis. Beck's talk too! I would tell you I loved Oaks' talk, but alas I was snoozing--guess I was choosing a "good."
Before I forget again, I wanted to tell you that Ryanna has mentioned everyday for several days that she is in love with Seth and is going to marry him someday. Just a heads up, you can make sure you're keeping him worthy by choosing the "best."
I miss you like crazy--think the song lyrics as you read this line. I hope you're say you're coming for a visit soon--pie or no pie!

Melissa said...

Pie is also my favorite! I'm glad you had a good conference weekend. We miss you!

Pat and Dave said...

My mom made the 'best' pies in the world! Alas, I never learned how from her. I like pie but she set such a high bar that few people can attain it. Me being one of them.
Conference was great. I was working on Jonas' cross-stitch and finished the car! Still lots to go. I thought President Hinkley's reference to speaking in conference 200 times was amazing! Also that the choir can sing the same songs but he can't give the same talk!

wendy said...

that's actually a phrase i use to replace expletives.

i stubbed my toe this morning and yeleed through grit teeth, "sweet amish pie! that hurt!"

Lara said...

Sister Beck's talk was my favorite, but Elder Oaks' was a very close second! :) Both messages that I needed to hear in my busy crazy life that isn't always devoted to doing the best thing and in which it is super hard to be a mother who knows...or at least does what she knows. :)

Mat said...

Is it 30 mins away by buggy or car?