Saturday, July 25, 2009

swim team

We signed Seth up for swim team this summer- eight weeks of one hour practices five days per week. Technically, he was on the "pre-swim" team. This meant that practices were basically large group lessons and we didn't have to go to swim meets if we didn't want to.
My hope was that having Seth in the pool for 5 hours per week would turn him into this totally awesome swimmer. Unfortunately, I'm not sure that all those hours in the pool actually helped to improve his strokes. The time that Jon spent with him one-on-one was way more beneficial. But he really liked being on the swim team and he now has a sweet tan.
After hearing about swim meets from other swimmers, he asked me when he was going to get to swim in one. So we all went to the last home meet of the season a few weeks ago. He swam in two events, one relay and one race- both 25m freestyle. Below is a video of the second race, he swam against the only other 6 year old boy at the meet. You can see at the end of the video the guy who was timing him was motioning him to hurry up (I think he got tired towards the end of the race). His official time was 48.67 seconds.

The meet eventually got rained out, which we were kind of glad about (who knew swim meets were so long!).


Audrey said...

I knew swim meets were long! I was a diver on the high school team and our portion was so miniscule compared to the hours of swimming that we got to (had to) watch. That's great that he's doing a sport though. Way to go!

Pat and Dave said...

Great form, Seth! I think you would have beaten me in that race (of course, I can touch the bottom!).

Carlie said...

sweet tan is right! i love the actual buzzer at the start of the race, and the flailing jump into the pool. what a cutie.

Mindy said...

That is fun!! It did look like he got super tired at the end huh?! Bailey did swim team this year, she did pretty darn well! She had to go against the 8 year olds. She is awesome at the breast stroke and even got a ribbon at the championship meet!

Sarah said...

wow! that's amazing! he did so well!