Thursday, May 28, 2009

who knew there was a difference?

On the way out the door to Maryn's last ballet class of this semester, I grabbed my camera and some new batteries so I could take video and pictures. When I tried to use the camera, it was totally freaking out and I was convinced it was broken. So I didn't get any video and only a few pictures. I'm really upset about it. After I got home and read the camera manual and looked at the batteries, I realized that they were non-alkaline. I didn't realize that alkaline made a difference, I thought all household batteries were alkaline. Guess not.

So here are the few pictures I was able to take.
In this picture, the girls were practicing prancing around and picking up flowers with their thumb and forefingers. Maryn wasn't very dainty about it, she pretty much ran the whole time.
Those are not her ballet shoes, this was taken after class after she had put her crocs on.
This is Maryn and her teacher Mrs. Tobey. She is a very sweet person and Maryn has learned so much from her in the past 9 months. She starts every class reviewing ballet positions and practicing toe pointing. The rest of the class time she uses different games to teach turns, skipping, galloping, and probably a lot of other things about ballet that I don't recognize because I don't really know anything about dance. Her teacher told me that Maryn has gone from not being able to skip at all to being able to skip pretty well. She said she was impressed with her concentration when she was trying really hard to learn to skip. It is really an awesome class and I hope Maryn continues to enjoy it.

(As I was watching SYTYC Dance last night and hearing that a lot of the dancers started dancing at age 3, 4, 5- I couldn't help but hope that Maryn will want to stick with it so she can say that too!)


the Marvelous Mrs. M said...

For being frustrated about your camera you sure got some great pics the few you did get. I LOVE the first picture- I think it's gorgeous- it reminds me of Degas' ballet dancers. You've got some mad skills! I would blow it up and frame it and hang it in Maryn's room. It might help her to stay motivated. :)

Lara said...

How interesting about the alkaline batteries. Good info to tuck away somewhere in case I need it. :)

Still, you did get great pictures! My ballet classes are on of my favorite childhood memories. I hope Maryn sticks with it, too!

RS Sister said...
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Tina said...

To be fair Marisa, Jon just reminded me that he took that picture.

Does your mom want to paint it? ;)