Saturday, May 16, 2009

and so it begins

Yes folks, that's our back door...

See the water line?

Remember this post from last summer?  Our rainy summer season got started with a bang last Friday with 2+ inches of rain falling in about 60 minutes which lead to 3 inches of standing water in our basement.  We were very prepared this time and had minimal damage to our stuff (except for the bottom three inches of our bookshelves and piano- we'll have to see how that one turns out).  

Here's the video Jon took during the flood:
We spent all day yesterday cleaning up our basement and it is pretty much back to normal, function-wise.  We're hoping that sandbags will minimize the damage next time.  Not that anything about this was humorous, but when we looked outside after the flood waters had receded, all of our outside toys were gone (floated away into other people's backyards) including our sandbox turtle!  We found it about twenty feet away and the sand inside was still dry as a bone.  The real question is, how are we going to get it back into our yard? :)


Melissa said...

Wow! That is so crazy! I'm so sorry that always happens to you! Makes for some cool pictures and video though!

Mindy said...

Holy Cow! I can't believe that. Do your neighbors get flooded too? I hope all of your stuff is allright!

Brooke said...

Tina that is CRAZY! I mean I can believe it, we had massive rain here too, everyday for three weeks. We finally have a week break, and more storms to come this weekend. Thankfully we are on a hill (at the top), and our yard slopes away from the house.

Good news, no ruined carpet or I guess you guys had RED PAINT last time!

Growing up in the midwest (kansas) on the missouri river, sandbags were a necessity! I remember church being canceled so the brethren could load sand bags if there was major flooding of the river. Good luck with that!

Lacey said...

HOLY COW!!! That's crazy! Glad you guys were prepared!! That's when having a basement stinks!

Mariley Johnson said...

Wow! That's all i can think of. Wow!