Monday, May 11, 2009

what we've been up to

The last few weeks have turned out to be really really busy for our family. Jon is trying to finish up his semester, the rest of us had (in random order) book club, Primary meeting, enrichment, swim lessons, open house at school, father/son campout, ballet, English Dept. party, school half day, activity day girls, mother's day crafts in Seth's class and at church yesterday...phew. Thankfully I had an awesomely-relaxing Mother's Day (except for the afore mentioned Mother's Day craft in Primary that I was in charge of- that was crazy). Jon did a great job taking care of all my usual responsibilities so I could just chill. I wish every day was Mother's Day. (Plus, I got released from my calling yesterday- it was a great day!)

I made these rolls for enrichment and the school open house (they were on the same night). They were yummy and got eaten up quickly.
This is Maryn's new dress, thanks Aunt Wendy!
We were watching funny animal videos on You Tube. Maryn loves to snuggle Seth!


Brandon or Michelle said...

you know I think that dress is totally bomb. how are the straps attached in the back?

Audrey said...

AND, you chatted with your AZ friend Audrey. You forgot that one. I'm craving one of those rolls right now. Thanks a lot!

Emily said...

I like how it says brandon or michelle said... because you never know who it is. but i don't think brandon would wonder how the straps are attached in the back. hehe

I agree, very cute dress!