Monday, March 31, 2008

so much to say

My sister left yesterday morning after an eleven-day visit. We had such a fun time together. I loved having her here for so many reasons- here are a few (in no particular order)
  • It was nice to have an extra pairs of hands to her me take care of my kids (although, I think this visit may have deterred her from having any more kids herself).
  • I liked having someone to make and eat treats with without feeling guilty.
  • I love the level of comfort our relationship has. We spent the better part of 18 years together- sharing a room for most of them. And while those times we not always pleasant- I think that all of the hard times were worth it to get us where we are today. I love you sis!
  • I'm so glad that there is someone else in the world who laughs harder at their own jokes than anyone else.

During the whole visit, I don't think we managed to get a picture of the two of us together. Inevitably though, almost everywhere we went, people asked us if we were twins.

We did get some cute pictures of the kids- especially our two little babies who are only 2 weeks apart. I added some more to my my web album here, but I'll also post a few of my favorites.

Jonas and Ellena in Easter cuteness.

Maryn, Seth and Jonas sliding.

Maryn and Ellena in matching outfits (we did this a lot).

I do want to write another post about our trip to Nauvoo and Easter times (maybe two more posts) because they were special events and this post is getting long. (Maybe after I conquer this mountain of laundry...)


Lara said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I always feel like I am missing out a little in life because I don't have any sisters, and brothers just aren't the same, much as I love them.

And can I just say that Maryn has the greatest smile ever? Love it.

Carlie said...

oh, thanks bean. i had a fabulous time, and yes, i think i may never have more kids! ha ha
i only laugh at my own jokes more than everyone else because they are much funnier than anyone else's.

The answer is YES!

Pat and Dave said...

Fun times! Sorry I missed it! Mom

Lacey said...

I'm so glad you had fun with your forgot to mention just the company!! I loved having my mom in town just to have someone to talk to during the day!!

It also makes me so excited to watch Elodie and Addysen as they grow up together..I didn't have a sister so I can't wait to watch their relationship develop!

love and miss ya!

Audrey said...

How fun to have your sister come and visit. If you come and visit me, I'll post about how much fun we have...

walt or jean said...

Loved the photos! Does Carlie laugh at her jokes louder than you do at yours? Stunning. We love your laugh.