Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I've been busy, okay?

Over the past 7 seven days
  • I picked up my sister and her cute baby from the airport.
  • The seven of us drove to Nauvoo and back (9 hour round trip).
  • We all enjoyed various Easter activities.

I have posted pics here. I will write a post about what we did when I have more time.


Mat said...

Cute pictures! Looks cold...

JenW said...

you all looked great for easter, maryn's dress was AWESOME! so cute:) it does look cold, makes me glad to be here and sad for the winter we didn't have a little bit.

Lacey said...

How fun to spend some time in Nauvoo..I haven't been since I was 5 when my grandparents served a mission there.

Glad you had a nice Easter!

Lacey said...

Love Maryn's dress! So bright and pretty!