Monday, March 3, 2008

goodbye forever

Jon has officially bid his twenties farewell. I feel lucky that I still have a couple more good years before that happens to me.

I'm sure most people can relate- I remember vividly thinking that 30 was so old. But now that Jon is there and I am so close, I don't necessarily feel that way anymore. Is 30 the new 20? I sure hope so.

Unlike my counterpart, I don't have a natural abilty to make up some sort of funny, catchy rhyme to honor and celebrate this exciting event. So some reminiscing of our relationship will have to do.

I remember the first time I saw him. We were at a party at Alicia's house. It had to have been the fall of 1993 or so. He was playing in his rock band on the patio (this was before Joe was the drummer). I loved his long hair and cool clothes and thought he was way cute. If you ask him- he doesn't even remember me at this party, which is precisely how things went for the next few years- we went to a lot of the same parties. I even went to his 16th birthday party at his house and he didn't realize it until years later when he saw me in a picture taken at that party.

Moving on- I finally caught his eye and he asked me out. We went on our first date in March of 1996. We saw a movie, ate Nerds and he tried to hold my hand, it was really sweet.

Those early times of young love are really fun to think back on. We had some great times, with great friends. Jon is still the sweet, considerate, talented, creative, hard-working person I fell in love with all those years ago.

We liked being cheesy back then, Jon, so here's a fresh dose. Loves.


Audrey said...

I can't help but think when I look at that photo--look it's a 30 year old Seth! I swear the resemblance is crazy--the smile is one I've seen Seth do even.
I too will leave my 20s behind this year, so I am hoping that 20 is the new 30 although I'm not 100% clear on what that exactly means.
I always thought it was so cute to see the photos of you and Jon together from high school dances when I would visit your house. Amazing to think you've known him for almost HALF of his life now.

Pat and Dave said...

Wasn't it Lindsay who told Jon he should ask you out? He says he remembers you from the Chipmunks song "Leader of the Pack" when you pulled off the helmet and swished your hair around at a ward talent show. I pierced my ears at 30! Are you Jon?

Brooke said...

I enjoy hearing your story. I always think it's fun to hear high school "sweet heart" stories with happy endings!

I think word on the street is 30 is the new 20! At least that's what I hear on Oprah!

Happy belated b-day Jon.

walt or jean said...

Just no "tats" please.

Starmaster said...

When I first saw the title and the picture, I thought--"and I didn't even get to pack!" Then I thought, who is that weirdo in the picture? Then I thought--oh, I love my sweet wife (and I'm craving some nerds!).

(She didn't tell you that she was at my 16th b-day party with her boyfriend at the time--or that I have a picture with me playing a guitar and singing on one side of the room and her playing foosball on the other side of the room looking the other direction, singing along.)

Dad: no tats. I promise.

Lacey said...

Happy Birthday Jon! Chris is right behind you on the 6th....

Pat and Dave said...

It's like I always say when it comes to getting older. All of us are on the same train. It's just that some of us are in the forward cars! It is not the time you have in your life, it's the life you put in your time. We love you, Jon and are so happy you are part of our family. Hippo birdie two ewes and many hippo returns!