Sunday, November 15, 2009

naughty and nice

Maryn is a budding artist, loves to draw and color. She calls this piece "a cowgirl". The medium is blue crayon on laundry room wall.

It still hasn't come off, I need to get one of those magic erasers.

In constrast, Jonas continues to be my sweet baby. Although lately, he has taken the initiative with Maryn and hit her first during their constant altercations. I'm not sure whether to be sad or proud that he's defending himself against her.

I captured one of his sweeter moments on this film.


Lara said...

The wall artist strikes in your house, too, huh?

I just found a piece that my 9 year old did! It was called "I hate homework."

Loved listening to Widdle Star. Adorable.

Pat and Dave said...

DeSolves It will get it off. It is beautiful, though.

Carlie said...

my friend jasmine swears by WD-40, as she has learned from her little artist too. looks like she is getting color wonder for Christmas.

Tyra said...

That was such a cute video. Don't you love it when you can get moments like that on film.