Saturday, November 28, 2009

the official "Jon is awesome" post

Yesterday while out in the shopping madness (although not so mad in my small town) I was switching radio channels looking for holiday music- I landed on one playing a country-western type version of a Christmas carol. I listened to it and these thoughts ran through my head "This sounds nice" "I would have totally changed the station 3-4 years ago if something like this came on". You see- Jon has been exploring the western side of music over the past few years and I trust his musical taste and usually listen to whatever he's into at the moment. It wasn't until yesterday that I really realized that Jon decides what music our family listens to- and therefore, likes. And I'm totally okay with that- in fact I really appreciate it. It keeps me from being one of those people who only listens to their favorite albums from high school for the rest of their lives.

And just to show you how lame I am, just calling his new music taste "western-type" I'm sure is totally wrong, maybe it's "alt-country"? We're not talking about Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban here- think more Avett Brothers and Wilco.

He recently secured a position writing reviews of local concerts for an online blog: Muzzle of Bees (click the link for his most recent post, then scroll down to read a few more he's done). His status as music-lover/English- writing studies graduate student makes this the perfect sort of project for him to be involved in. (Plus it means he can get free tickets to most local shows and some out-of-town ones as well- a major plus.)

Leading up to my next topic- Jon asked me to post a link to his music site many weeks ago and like a very sweet and attentive wife- I completely forgot about it. I feel really badly that I didn't follow through with this at the time. He requests your assistance in listening to and voting up your favorite song(s) written by his good friend Jon Thwaits and presented in the current post.

You can read about the details of the current archival project they are working on here. If you like what you hear, pass the word along to your friends too!

Please help me feel better by showing some love and participating in their project.

And be sure to scroll down to the video of the song Jon wrote while we were on vacation in Utah in August. It's totally beautiful and because it's about my family and my kids- makes me a little emotional. Heck, I'll just include the video here.


Carlie said...

i do know jon is awesome, but i thought in reading the title of this post it was about him standing in line a couple hours for you, getting a tree that you are going to return.

awesome for so many reasons!

Alli said...

Hi Tina,
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Thanks and Congrats!

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Carlie said...

november? your last post was from november? seriously bean, get on it!

the Marvelous Mrs. M said...

I am totally missing your blog Tina. I saw pictures of your adorable kids on Jon's facebook page and I can't believe how big they've grown (I mean, I can believe it, its just surprising because I haven't seen them in a while). You did a FANTASTIC job on their costumes- I especially love how you did Maryn's hair- so cute!