Sunday, October 18, 2009

Please excuse the bad pics with bad lighting. It was late. I just wanted to show some of what I've been up to. A picked out and sent the fabric, cute huh? I hope R likes them! :)

Now I need to "put down the duckie" (as Jon would say) and start working on other, more pressing matters- like planning Seth's class Halloween party and making his Batman costume. (Yes, I'm the head room parent again. Seriously, I am not doing this again- too much work!)
Happy Fall!


Audrey said...

I'm posting pics of these skirts right now. Ryanna is in love with both of them and so am I. They turned out sooo cute. I think she's going to wear one on Sunday for the Primary Program. You are AWESOME!

Lara said...

Tina, these are adorable!

Do you have a pattern? (No need to make them for me, I'm capable, but I'd love to make some for my girls for Christmas.) Let me know.

And, you are an awesome friend to do that for Audrey. :)

Carlie said...

love the skirts bean. i can't wait for my order to be done! you know i love the matchy-match.

Pat and Dave said...

Tina! "Sew" cute! I love the choice of fabrics and can only imagine how long it took you to choose the 'right' ones! Cute, cute, cute! That will be $1 please, $.25 for each cute! (courtesy of your father!)

Lacey said...

So I'm interested in a pattern too? Elodie loves these kind of skirts-remember the one I got at Gymboree! I knew I should have made it when I bought it!

How much fabric would I need?