Friday, October 16, 2009

Beatlemania continues

A few weeks ago I picked up an old VHS of Yellow Submarine from a thrift store. The kids have been watching it and love it. I've watched a few minutes here and there- it's weird. But the music is obviously awesome and the kids love that too. Here's my Dad singing one of the hits from the movie (notice he doesn't need to read along with the karaoke, he knows all the words):

We were listening to this song in the car recently, and Maryn was singing along. After the chorus "will you still need me, will you still feed me" Maryn said "I think he can feed himself, can't he?" Let's hope so.

Jonas loves to sing along to the Beatles too. His favorite song is Hello, Goodbye, but he can't sing all the words as quickly as they do in the song. So he still sings "you say goodbye and I say hello" but he's about a whole phrase behind.

In other funny-things-kids-say news lately: we were eating at a 50s diner type restaurant last weekend and ordered the usual burgers fries and shake for every one. When they brought out the shakes first before everything else, Seth looked at me wide-eyed and said "Do we get dessert first?" Some sort of alternate universe, the 50s. On that same occasion, the two couples dining next to us were very elderly. I said to Jon "they were probably our age in the actual 50s", kind of a funny realization. Where will we be sitting in 50 years?


Carlie said...

you'll be sitting at a millennium themed restaurant that serves burgers with no buns listening to kelly clarkson.
it is going to be sing-fest 2009 with your kids knowing all those songs, and the biggest beatle fan here to accompany their every request.

Pat and Dave said...

I think you will be eating in a restaurant on a space station! So good to see the kids appreciate the Fabs.

Pat and Dave said...

One more thing... What a doofus.

Stephanie said...

I love that Jonas sings to the beatles. Was that 50s diner by any chance Steak and Shake? Ah, the midwest!

Pat and Dave said...

I was amazed all my kindergarteners were singing along to songs from my era! Then I realized they were singing the Shrek soundtrack!