Thursday, February 12, 2009

wedding: Wendy

I had an absolutely totally fun time during my trip to Tucson. There was a party literally everyday for 4 days, intermixed with all the wedding preparations. The whole event turned out beautifully, the weather was perfect, the overall look of the decorations was totally cool--totally Wendy, and of course the real Mexican food was so, so good (you really can't find that in my neck of the midwest).

True to form, I didn't take many pictures during my trip. The following are a few of the highlights. The rest can be viewed here. I'm anxiously waiting for Wendy and Chad to get home from Mexico so I can see the actual wedding pics from the real photog. Until then, here's a few--

This is one of the only pictures I got of the happy couple. Not the best because they are feeding cake to each other, but you can see Wendy's beautiful dress (knee-length) and a little glimpse of one of the cakes behind them. Wendy was very hands-on, not just in the planning of this wedding, but in its execution as well. What bride makes her own wedding cakes? She did. And they were really yummy.

Near the end of the night: Mom, me, Rach and Wendy (where were you, Car?) Wendy had 5 bridesmaids. She let us pick our own dresses (either white or cream) and she made us each a necklace (as well as her own). So awesome.

Jonas and Papa.

To continue the partying fun, the next day we had a birthday party for Ellena. Jonas got some goods out of the party too. This is the costume I bought to try and keep him from wearing Maryn's princess dresses. (It isn't working all that great so far.) Carlie got him the cool hat and swords to complete the look.

And finally, Wendy played guitar and sang a song for Chad, I Feel it All-- the song from their engagement video. It sounded really great, she is so talented. As I was listening to it, I looked around and realized that no one was filming it! Aaah! So I ran across the yard, got my puny little camera and recorded the last half of the song.

To end, I've included their engagement video (which I shot). It's really cute and she was so surprised! Chad flew in from Seattle and met us in Tucson, she saw him when she looked through that telescope thing. Watch it.


the Marvelous Mrs. M said...

Such a sweet engagement video- it totally made me tear up! Nice singing/playing as well, Go Wendy! Glad it went so well and you had such a good time and were able to enjoy a little more AZ weather!

Lacey said...

OMG! I totally cried during the engagement video! I LOVED when she looked through the telescope! SO AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!

Pat and Dave said...

i especially love the 2nd picture in where you are obviously picked a wedgie. :) hehe.
it was a 4 day party. i told everyone i saw i was still recovering from the wedding weekend hangover for days after.

Pat and Dave said...

whoops, that pat and dave comment was really carlie.

Pat and Dave said...

Thank you Carlie for clarifying! I would never sent out 'picking a wedgie' over the blog-o-sphere!


wendy said...

whoa, that performance is a little rough. oh well, i was a newlywed, i have an excuse. thanks for getting the last half though, i'm really glad it was caught!

Pat and Dave said...

Was it only a week ago????? Only 2 days and bon voyage!


Mariley Johnson said...

WOW! That makes romantic movies totally weak! That was a video for the books..or whatever!!!
Really cute!

Mariley Johnson said...

So I have to comment again because I went and looked at your album.
First, you're looking very gorgeous at the reception. Love your dress.
Second, I was looking at the pics of Jonas the entire time thinking it was Seth!