Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I heard on NPR last Tuesday that the widely-circulated fact that Einstein failed math is wrong. I was glad to hear that because I never really believed it anyway.

My first little son turns 6 today (my second little son will turn 2 tomorrow). Sometimes I worry about Seth because he seems totally addicted to media-based entertainment. He watched a lot of TV as a baby, from about 6 months on, because I went back to school and got a bachelor's degree (graduating while 8.5 months pregnant with Maryn) and I needed something to occupy his time so I could study. As I'm typing this, it kind of sounds like he was neglected. In my defense, he only watched good quality kids shows (with no commercials) or baby einstein videos. So I felt okay about it at the time. There was really nothing else I could do.

Anyway--so sometimes I think that because of this, he developed a sort of dependence on media for entertainment. He is constantly asking to watch a movie, play computer or play Wii...until one afternoon last week....

He's been working on adding in math in school, really only adding to 10. One night, Jon showed him how to add 2 and three digit numbers vertically in columns. Seth totally grasped on to this concept and started writing his own math problems to solve. Example: 213+215 or 1111+245. It was so cute how excited he was about it! Then, he started writing problems that required carrying numbers and got really confused. So later the same night, Jon showed him how to carry numbers. Since then, Seth has been creating and solving his own addition problems, complete with one or two carried numbers in each. The next couple of days after that, he came home from school and said,

"Mom, I want to do more math problems."

You can imagine my shock when he said this and not "Mom can I play Wii?" Last Sunday at church, he got a birthday gift in Primary--a little pen and matching notebook. He said,

"Oh good! Now I can do more math problems!"

Since his birthday party though (last Saturday), he has wanted to play with his new toys, so math has taken a back burner. Hopefully, not for long, I really wonder if he will always stay this excited about it?


walt or jean said...

We always knew he was the smartest and sweetest first grandson we ever had!!! He'll always be way ahead of the class as far as we are concerned!!

Happy Birthday to both sweet Seth and sweet Jonas!! Looking forward to chatting later!

Love, Grandma Jeannie and Grampa Walt

Lara said...

What a smarty pants! Sounds like you have a math whiz on your hands! Not only does he get it, he seems to really love it! Bria still doesn't get carrying (or borrowing) and it is exasperating to work with her on math. Mainly because both Joel and I know just how she feels, as we never really got math either. We're a bunch of right braineds over here.

I love the picture of the boys with their cakes!

But you're reminding me that Chloe will be 6 in a couple weeks, and I told her she's not allowed. We're skipping her birthday this year. I don't think I can handle it.