Friday, September 5, 2008

what do you do when...

you don't like your kid's teacher at school?

I went in to Seth's class today to help with art. I was really excited to see how he interacted with his classmates and whether he was good at following directions (because he doesn't do well in this area at home). What I wasn't prepared for was the cold shoulder the class and I got from his teacher.

I'm not sure what I expected, but something along the lines of...
to kids- "Good Morning, class. We have a helper today, Seth's mom."
to me- "Thank you so much for coming in to help us out today."

What I got was...
to kids- "Sit down and get our your books." "Close your books and listen to the annoucements." to me- "What's your name again?"

Maybe she was having a bad day? (She is pregnant.) I really hope that's it and that she isn't always like this. I guess I was expecting someone more outgoing and energetic, someone who seems like they actually like kids. Do I have a starry-eyed expectation because my only examples are my mom and sister (who are both fabulous kindergarten teachers)?

My biggest consolation is that I have very few foggy memories about my Kindergarten experience. I don't remember anything about my teacher other than that she was really old. So I don't think that one sub-par teacher is going to make or break his elementary experience.



Brooke said...

I hope she was just having a bad day. My favorite teacher was my kindergarten teacher. I would want a GREAT teacher, because this is their first experience in school. . .and you want it to be a good one!

Pat and Dave said...

I already told you to cut her some slack! The first 2 weeks of school any teacher, but especially a Kindergarten teacher is hanging onto her sanity by a thread! It takes my class (and me!!)a good 3-4 weeks to settle into the routine of school. I always wonder what prompted the parent to show up? Do they really want to help or are they there to find fault? You have to build a trusting relationship with them. It is hard at the beginning of the morning to let a parent 'engage' you in polite conversation when you have a ton to do with the first of the morning routine! I always appreciate parents who say "I am here to help. What can I do?"

You are lucky she let you come! I ask my parents to wait a few weeks until we are settled in and have established routines.

I have also been known to tell parents I am glad to have them come if they want to help. If they want to observe, make an appointment with the principal! My responsibility is to the children first, not the parents.

I love my job but it is sometimes harder to deal with the parents than it is the children!

Mom- Pat