Thursday, September 18, 2008

some recent funnies

Here are a few things that have happened lately that I want to remember:

While in the car with Jon (I think G-pa Stone was there too), Seth said "You know what Dad, grass is like the Earth's hair."

Further proof that Maryn is almost exactly like my sister Wendy- While clipping Maryn's nails last night, I noticed that a few were very short already while the rest were all the same length. When I asked her about it, she said "I pulled them off with my teeth." Yes, folks- at age three, she bites her nails.

We have been listening to a CD of Disney songs (Jon made a random mix). One of the songs is "Davy Crocket" to which Maryn sings "Baby, Baby Crockett, king of outer space."


wendy said...

that's my girl.

Tyra said...

Your kids are so cute. It sounds like you guys are doing good. We sure miss Champaign. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Carlie said...

Wendy, can you get your toe to your mouth still? Mom

walt or jean said...

tell Seth if you cut the Earth's hair you get the Earth's whiskers. Gpa

Jonathan G.Thwaits said...

king of outer space? actually according to They Might Be Giants it's "king of this brand new place, traveling through outer space".
See the video on youtube:
From TMBG friday night podcasts. My favorite is still Never Go to Work:
And by the way Wendy, Shule is a toenail biter too! You're in good company, so I say.