Monday, August 25, 2008

first day of Kindergarten.....the afternoon after

To begin, I have four words for you....THE BUS WAS LATE!

It was the longest 8 minutes of my life.

The little kids and I sat at the bus stop for about 10 minutes, and when his arrival time came and went (3:27), my head was immediately filled with all the scenarios of what could possibly go wrong and why the heck he wasn't here yet.  I had to call Jon to talk me down, I was giving myself an anxiety attack.  I don't think the convenience of the bus is worth all this.  (Plus he was on the bus for almost an hour and his school is only 1.5 miles away.  I think I'm going to rethink this bus thing.)

But when we were finally home safe and sound, I was able to ask Seth about his day.  Here are the responses I got to my many questions: 

"Mom, I need to wear tennis shoes because we do this thing called PE.  It's inside- in the same place we eat lunch.  There's a bunch of different things you can do, it's kind of like the Olympics."  (Like I said, we watched a lot a lot of Olympics these past two weeks.)

"I didn't really like lunch.  It was kind of like a taco with red sauce."  (It was a pizza quesadilla.)  "So, I just ate the applesauce." (NOT the salad.)  "And you know what?  Dad was right- they did have chocolate milk!"  (Jon had told him last night during dinner that he could drink chocolate milk at school every day if he wanted to.  I did not agree.)  So his first school lunch was applesauce and chocolate milk.

"When my teacher said that everyone needed to go sit on the carpet, I was the first one there!"  (He also got 4 "super stars", some sort of recognition for being good.)

"Mom, I didn't think about you at all until I was on the bus."

I guess that's good.  (sniff)


Melissa said...

He is so big! The bus scares me too. I was so glad that I didn't have to send Jacob on it, although I'm sure he would have loved it.

Brandon or Michelle. said...

Almost an hour?! And it was late!!?! What kind of a bus IS this? what kind of people even talked you into this bus thing, anyway? :)

I don't know WHAT to think, especially when you wrote that you and the kidS waited for him. does that mean that jonas was awake? :)

that said, I'm proud of you. glad you did it. way to be. and those snippets from seth are priceless. blogging is the best.

hooray for school. hooray for you. PEACE I'm outta here.

Mindy said...

So, you made it through the day and more importantly so did Seth! What are you going to do about the bus? That is an awfully long time for him to just be riding on a hot bus. Bailey's is the first stop, so it's not so bad.

Lara said...

I am so glad that I haven't had to deal with a bus yet. (We live about a block from the elementary school.)

Also, Bria hates school lunch except for Pizza, so we only get it on Pizza day, or if I'm out of lunch fixin's. :)

I'm glad he had such a good day! Love his comments about PE being the olympics. LOL!

Carlie said...

8 minutes... seriously bean.
he is going to have so many more school day gems to tell you about as the year goes on!

Sarah said...

I would have freaked out too with the bus being late! We live about 10 mins form the school but I have just decided to take Makayle to and from. However, the school buses here are like a tour bus! It's pretty crazy! Maybe next year when Paige starts school, I might have them ride together. And I don't think that the first day of school gets easier for us mom's. Makayle started 2nd grade yesterday and I still cried when I dropped her off!!!

Nick said...

Classic comments from our smartest, cutest, sweetest, nicest, happiest, friendliest 1st grandson on his first day of all day school. I hope you will keep recording these jewels for us to enjoy from afar! Sorry about the late bus-hope it gets better!

walt or jean said...

That wasn't Nick-that was Grandma Jeanie! Sorry for the mix up I signed in on his account somehow!

walt or jean said...

That wasn't Nick-that was Grandma Jeanie! Sorry for the mix up I signed in on his account somehow!

Lacey said...

The bus scares me...I don't think it will be an option for us! And you had every right to be scared...8 minutes is a long time!!

Good for you guys surviving your first day of school!

Pat and Dave said...

8 MINUTES LATE????? Coming from the Kindergarten teacher, your mother, it took us 8 minutes to just walk down one hall and we had 2 more to go to get to lunch! We even had 5 fifth graders to help!

As I have always said, children are much more resilient that their parents!


Audrey said...

At least he tells you what's going on. Ryanna is so caught up in all the various activities, when I ask her what they did, she sits there and thinks and usually says, "ummmm...I don't know." I think a lot of the learning process these days is so subtle, the kids just think they are having fun the whole time.
Oh yeah, I absolutely hated my elementary school lunches and I'd say I ate about the same amount as Seth every day. Only, we never had chocolate milk and the flavor of Viva milk makes me want to gag, so I never drank the school milk. Consider it a success!