Friday, August 22, 2008

August, oh August, I hardly knew thee

Where has this month gone?  I have been so busy and August has just flown by.  I have so many posts in my head waiting to be written.  (I think I need to be a daily blogger because when I realize that I haven't written in a while and so much has happened, I get overwhelmed and continue to procrastinate.)  Here's the list to help me remember everything that happened this month, more details coming soon-
1. I officially entered the last year of my twenties.  
2. A BFF (who also just happens to be my awesome sister-in-law) came to visit with her two cute kiddos.  She's now embarking on a new adventure, currently in the eye of Hurricane Fay. Yikes!
3. Seth is starting full-day kindergarten on Monday (25th) (and riding the bus, to top it all off).
4. Jon received a new calling at church.....he won't let me say what it is yet, so there's some suspense for you.
5. I have been watching hours and hours (and hours and hours) of the Olympics these past two weeks- haven't really been able to get much else done.
6.  Adding to my inability to get anything done- this month, I read The Host and just finished Breaking Dawn this afternoon.   
7. I finally finished a craft project that I started almost one year ago.  (Pictures coming soon.)  At this rate I may have trouble with my next endeavor...
8. I'm gearing up to open an Etsy store.



Lacey said...

We will miss you tomorrow at our Book Club where we will be talking about Breaking Dawn...should make for a great discussion!

love and miss you!

Sarah said...

Wow! What a month!!