Tuesday, April 15, 2008

feeling old....but still rockin' the suburbs

Jon and I went to a concert on campus tonight. This was our fifth time seeing Ben Folds live. 

The first time was in the spring of 1997 at the Pima County Fair.  It was right after Ben Folds Five's second album had been released.  It was a totally fun show, we stood in the front right under his nose and sang along to every word of every song at the top of our lungs.

Tonight, I felt like one of the oldest people in the room.  We had first row balcony seats in a beautiful old auditorium with a great view of the stage. We watched and laughed at a few of the people standing in the first row, right under his nose, singing at the top of their lungs.  Except they didn't know every song- specifically the ones that were released when they were probably in kindergarten.

I told Jon that in order to not be the oldest people in the room, next time we need to go to a Cure concert.

p.s. If some of you don't know who Ben Folds is- he's the guy who recorded this song.  And if you still don't know- he wrote all the songs in this movie.


Mat said...

Way to rock guys! I hate to nitpick since I have pretty much stopped blogging, but your last link doesn't work like you planed.

Tina said...

Thanks Mat, I fixed it.

Carlie said...

that's so cool. i would have loved to see him live again. i remember at he fair, he was jumping and slamming all over his piano, and i cringed every time!
i felt a similar way when we went to the dashboard/weezer concert. i was sitting in the grass with all these high school babies. they would sing along with all the songs from their new album, from which i knew none, and stood there silently when i busted out the old school songs. that was the first time i felt like the old guy at a concert.

Pat and Dave said...

Our friends Jerry and Kathy Figuiera here in Tucson went to a "Twist and Shout" (Beatles tribute band) concert at the Diamond Center and they said it was a sea of grey hair, as fas as the eye could see!

Brooke said...

Mike and I would join you guys in being the oldest ANYTIME to go see Ben Folds :)

Brandon or Michelle. said...

hooray for ben folds. remember, no matter how old you are, ben folds is EVEN OLDER! :)