Thursday, April 10, 2008

5 things I'm tired of today

  • the rainy, snowy, sub-freezing weather (I miss AZ)
  • my short hair
  • my constant left eye twitch for the past week
  • my kids fighting
  • being tired


Carlie said...

doesn't body twitches mean that you aren't getting enough iron? give it a try. was it not enough iron or chocolate.... ? better do both to be safe.
az misses you too. i am having a hairbow making night here friday without you, which makes me very sad. what if someone asks me to make a bow like one i already have? i'll have to fess up that my mom and sister made most of my bows... :)

Lacey said...

AZ misses you too and all your friends!

Pat and Dave said...

Let's see... hair is going to grow back. Kids fighting, plan on only about 20 or so more years for that. Tired, that does improve when all the kids are big enough to sleep through the night. Weather and missing AZ, well... you know where we are! We love you guys and also wish we were all closer but who knows what the future will bring! Until then, we'll just have to see each other when we can! Muchas smooches from Dad (Papa)