Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Camera!

After months -- YEARS! -- of admiring Michelle's children through the lens of a decent camera, we have joined ranks! Decent (if not super fancy) cameras have a way of making one's kids look, well, presentable. So, Tina and I -- yes, you've guessed right, I have commandeered the blog -- will do our best, in the name of fantastic grandparents that we love, to post pictures on a more regular basis. Starting now.

big teeth

adjusting to flash settings


restrained, but still happy

some beauty

more beauty

some pre-birthday, post-bath shots.

in-bath times.

guess who turns 8 tomorrow?


Brandon or Michelle said...

you didn't say what kind, you crazy!

maybe it's better that way...then we won't be able to see how much you actually spent on it.

kids are beauties! shake your booty!

Carlie said...

i love jones! your kidss are great, and so much more fancier looking now.

walt or jean said...

Beautiful,keep them coming!

Operion M'Sia said...

Nice work for you kids.
Keep up !

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