Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the sewing bug has bit

I've been frequenting my fabric stores lately (there are only 2 in my town) scouring the remnant bins mostly and coming away with bits and pieces that I love. (The blue and yellow floral prints on the bottom row actually came from a thrift store.)
This picture doesn't even include the 7 yards of HB fabric I bought to make a quilt for Maryn's bed. I need to get that stuff out and photograph it, talk about pretty. Later, I promise.

So what to do with all these pieces? Well my wonderful SIL and buddy Michelle got me interested in a skirt/dress with three ruffled tiers. I bought some cute fabric when we were in Utah together and finally made a skirt for Maryn out of it a few weeks ago.
I didn't really use a pattern (just verbal instructions from M) so I didn't actually make it correctly and it's a bit too big. But she loves it and it does look really cute if you don't know what I did wrong (no, I'm not going to tell). The sweater vest was a thrift store find and just happens to match the skirt perfectly. (I'm hoping the vest makes the skirt look more "fall-y").

In trying not to just make her a whole slew of three tiered skirts- I bought some patterns yesterday (from hobby lobby- 99 cents each people!) and am going to try to follow them and make other cute things for her.

I also wanted to show another awesome thrift store find, 6 of these chairs painted light turquoise blue (my new favorite color). We've been needing a 6 chair set for a while now and I stumbled on these last week. Also pictured is a blanket I made for a friend who had a baby boy last Friday.
In other non-sewing news: Seth got a pedometer at school last week and is supposed to record his steps each day (too bad it's lost at the moment). So he decided that he was going to run laps around our house (outdoors). He ran 20 laps- 4100 steps! It was really cute. The trend didn't continue today though because he refused to run until I found his pedometer. Poor kid may never run again!

For some reason this week, Jonas has decided the enter the terrible twos, complete with screaming tantrums and refusal to eat most foods or go to bed. I really don't know where my sweet baby went. Jon keeps saying "Since when does Jonas have an opinion?" Um, since now apparently.
He has said some cute things lately though. Every afternoon and evening when I'm trying to convince him to go to bed, I tell him "you need to close your eyes just like during the prayer". And pretty much every time I go in to get him after he wakes up, the first thing he says is "Mommy, I closed my eyes!" I think he's amazed that it actually works!
And finally, on Sunday we talked webcam with my family and saw the new baby. Jonas was really excited about it. On Monday morning while I was getting him dressed for the day, I asked him what he wanted to do today and he said "go visit my baby tousin". Me too, dude.


the Marvelous Mrs. M said...

That was a great blog! I love all the cool fabrics and Maryn's outfit is way adorable- so stylish! I love the picture of Seth- totally sounds like something our Shazer would do. And Jonas is too cute- I'm so looking forward to Sophie talking more- she's already got an attitude a mile long, sometimes I wish I knew what she meant by it :) It was great getting an update on your family.

Sarah said...

Gee, Jonas sounds like he is a lot like our 2 year old!

Audrey said...

Love, love, love that skirt! The vest combined with it should be featured in GAP kids or something. How much would you charge me to make something cute like that for Ryanna? Grrrr...yet another reason why I wished you lived closer, so that you could show me how to finally use my sewing machine and do something cute like that. I'm serious about the skirt though. AND, those other fabrics--cute, cute!

JenW said...

alright, i love the skirt, love the blanket, why didn't i know hobby lobby had 99 cent patterns and i am in love with those chairs! holy gracious! AND the thrift store is often a great place to find good fabric...amazing. do you want to give me some instructions for the skirt....i've had those on the brain as well!!!!

Carlie said...

submitted: 1 3-tired skirt in sasy 2 year old size.
maryn is such a grown up.

The Watkins Family said...

Good for you and all your sewing. I keep wanting to sew, but never do anything about it.
I'm jealous that Jonas is just now a terrible two. Ellis has already started tantruming, but more than that -- she is getting SO mischievous! Jonas is so good-natured, I'm sure it will pass soon :).

Lacey said...

So sadly Elodie has 2 skirts just like that...but I got her's at Gymboree....I do know that I can make them super cheap and now you have inspired me! Great job!

Little Jonas is so big!!