Thursday, July 3, 2008

true love's kiss

Maryn has really entered the "princess" universe.  I'm not really sure how it started--several months ago, I think she got a gift from someone that had the Disney Princesses on it--and since then she's been hooked.  (I'm pretty sure a vast majority of little girls like her are really into it to judging by the sheer amount of Princess paraphernalia available.)  Her princess birthday party was a big hit, some of the moms I have talked to since say their little girls are still talking about how fun the party was.  (Surprising since it was only 90 minutes.)

She is constantly singing.  She picks up on songs we listen to in the car and then sings them to herself while she's playing, sitting on the potty, laying in bed at night, etc.  Some are Primary songs that I know she didn't learn in Nursery (because I'm in there with her) so she must have learned from the church CDs we listen to in the car.  But she also sings snippets from other CDs we listen to (like Coldplay--Seth's afore mentioned favorite) and most recently--James Morrison's "You Give Me Something".  But her current favorite songs are from Disney's Enchanted movie.  The video clip above is Maryn singing along to "True Love's Kiss", which actually sounds more like "Twoo Wub's Kiss".

Maryn is also still really into Care Bears and has collected quite a few (like, 15) as gifts from her two Grandmas.  She still wants to sleep with them all in her bed, but after we passed the dozen mark--there was more Care Bear than Maryn in her bed.  So now she gets to pick three each night to put in bed with her.

Maryn also loves puzzles and is really very good at them.  We have several boxes of 25 piece ones as well as some large floor puzzles with 50 or so pieces that she can do unassisted.  

Another great thing about Maryn is that I think she is growing out of her milk allergy.  I have been starting to let her eat small amounts of cheese and ice cream and she seems to be doing fine, with no noticeable GI problems.

(A side note, has there ever been a 3-year-old that, when asked how old they are, responds by saying something other than "free"?  That "th" sound is so hard for kids this age to make, I'd like to meet a 3-year-old who can do it.)
Maryn has a bit of a Jekyll/Hyde streak.  One minute she's a sweet girl--giving "true love's kiss" and hugs, and the next she's screaming, throwing a huge tantrum, and hitting Jonas.  (We're working a lot on this hitting problem, luckily Jonas is a resilient little boy.)  She is so cute though, so we enjoy all the happy moments. 

It's nice to have a little princess around.


Pat and Dave said...

It was so fun to listen to her singing along with all the princess songs on the mix Jon made. She knows them all. Seth might be exploring different occupations, but Maryn is living the life of a different princess everyday! Whatever movie she happens to be watching! Soo cute

Lacey said...

Oh the princess stage!! Gotta love it! Elodie will be 4 in September and still loves to watch/talk/and act like a princess..I'm assuming this stage last a while...

Enjoy her! She is a cutie!

walt or jean said...

Thanks for capturing the moment. What a sweet princess.

Mindy said...

I think that is so funny. I think Mayzie is going to be our princess, although, Bailey is at age 6 starting to want me to buy her princess stuff. Peer pressure, I think.
Kade is doing the Jekyl/Hyde thing too. He is so sweet at one minute and the next he is crying and screaming and whining. He is starting to throw things when he is really mad. The worst thing is we cannot understand a word he is saying when he is crying and whining, so it is hard to stop and fix whatever he is so upset about. He is a sweet brother to Mayzie though, he never hits, she picks on him. Mayzie loves pulling Kade's little tiny hairs. He just doesn't know how to stop her. Poor Kade, so picked on.

Kimberlina said...

How fun to catch up with you through your blog! Reading everyone's blogs makes me miss our old campus days. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who is inadvertently living in princess land! Now with 2 girls (can you believe my baby is 18 months now?) everything is about princesses or Dora! I guess we should enjoy these days before our girls grow up and start wearing more controversial clothing than princess dresses.

Miss you guys!